1. Why is this application needed?

The application was created in order to simplify the memorization of words when learning foreign languages. The application uses the spaced repetition method. This method assumes that the word is repeated several times during the study - in half an hour, in an hour, in a day, in a week, and so on. There are studies proving that information memorized in this way is remembered faster, more easily retrieved from memory and less likely to be forgotten.

2. Is it possible to learn ready-made lists of words or do I have to enter the words that I need to learn myself?

It is not necessary to convene your word lists. You can use other word lists created by other users.

3. Is registration required to use the app?

Registration is not required, but registered users get the opportunity to edit their dictionaries in the browser. Without registration, this can only be done in the mobile application.

4. Does your app replace language learning in language courses?

No. The application is needed only to simplify the replenishment of vocabulary.

5. There is a bug in the app, can you fix it?

Write to us by e-mail mail dog maxistar.ru we will definitely try to fix it.

6. How can I help develop the app?

The application is currently completely free, if you wish, you can make donations on the donations page. You can write about the application on social networks. You can write a review on the application page in the Play Market.

7. The application is missing the functionality I need, can you add it?

Write to us by e-mail mail dog maxistar.ru if the desired functionality is really needed by people and it is in our power, we will be happy to implement it.

8. After all, there are other applications for learning foreign languages, why another one?

We really wanted to implement something that others do not have, namely the possibility of the application working without the Internet with the ability to create editing your own dictionaries.

9. Is it possible to study something other than foreign languages?

Of course. The site has dictionaries for learning Morse code and dictionaries for memorizing the keyboard shortcuts of popular integrated development tools. Perhaps you will add your own dictionaries that you need.
If you have other questions, you can ask them by sending it to the e-mail address maxim dog maxistar.ru. I will definitely try to answer them.