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# Word Translation
1 Scroll down j, ctrl-e
2 Scroll up k, ctrl-y
3 Scroll to the top of the page gg
4 Scroll to the bottom of the page G
5 Scroll a half page down d
6 Scroll a half page up u
7 Scroll left h
8 Scroll right l
9 Reload the page r
10 Copy the current URL to the clipboard yy
11 Open the clipboard's URL in the current tab p
12 Open the clipboard's URL in a new tab P
13 Enter insert mode i
14 Enter visual mode v
15 Focus the first text input on the page gi
16 Open a link in the current tab f
17 Open a link in a new tab F
18 Select the next frame on the page gf
19 Select the page's main/top frame gF
20 Open URL, bookmark or history entry o
21 Open URL, bookmark or history entry in a new tab O
22 Open a bookmark b
23 Open a bookmark in a new tab B
24 Search through your open tabs T
25 Enter find mode /
26 Cycle forward to the next find match n
27 Cycle backward to the previous find match N
28 Go back in history H
29 Go forward in history L
30 Create new tab t
31 Go one tab left J, gT
32 Go one tab right K, gt
33 Go to previously-visited tab ^
34 Go to the first tab g0
35 Go to the last tab g$
36 Pin or unpin current tab alt-p
37 Mute or unmute current tab alt-m
38 Close current tab x
39 Restore closed tab X
40 Show help ?

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