How to learn languages


The idea has long been ripening to start writing about how you can significantly improve the quality of language learning. It has long been clear that there is no one universal way to learn a foreign language, but there are many ways to make this process more interesting and easier. Moreover, there are many ways of these, and since all people are different, then these methods are completely different - one is suitable for someone, for someone else. This is what I want to start writing about. Whether this will work out or not, time will tell.

And the first way to learn a language, with the help of which I learned English quite well, was reading books in the original language. At the same time, the method is rather controversial and is not suitable for everyone.

When I was visiting London I visited a bookstore and bought the first book I liked - it was "Journey to Ixtlan" by Carlos Castaneda. I already read fragments of this work in translation when it was published in old russian magazines - now I had the opportunity to read this thing in the original. Since my English was very weak at that time, I started a notebook and wrote down all the unfamiliar words that came across in the text. That being said, I was wondering how many new words I would add as I read as I moved through the text as I read it. This technique for me personally turned out to be extremely effective in terms of pumping vocabulary.


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