What is it?

This website is created to help everyone to learn foreign languages in the most efficient and simple way. The whole idea consists in using your own custom dictionaries created on this site and using these dictionaries on your mobile device to repeat these words at any convenient time.

The application is based on the spaced repetition method. In the process of memorizing you repeat every word several times - the first time after half an hour, the second time after a few hours, the third time after a few days and so on... forever.

How can SuperWords help you?

  • You can learn any foreign language
  • You can learn irregular verbs
  • You can learn japanese kanji
  • You can create and learn your own dictionaries
  • You can synchronize dictionaries on several devices
  • You can work with the app by ear

To find more information you can on our FAQ page.

How does it work?

The App helps you learn words with the spaced repeatition method.

Synonyms and translation types

Each word you study can contain several types of translation, and each type of translation can be represented by several words, which can be used when studying word forms, such as irregular verbs, tense forms, various spelling systems, etc.

Not only languages

Spaced repetition can be used to learn more than just languages. The method works well for memorizing any arbitrary information. For example, the capitals of the countries of the world, Morse code, flag alphabet, Braille code, etc.

Search dictionary

On this screen, you can find dictionaries created by other users of the application. The selected dictionary will be copied to your account.

Offline work

The application does not require internet access and can be used completely offline. In this case, you add all dictionaries manually as you learn new words.

Blind work

Thanks to the ability to use the phone's volume buttons, you can study words on the move using the phone buttons or the remote control button from the selfie stick.

In this case, the phone can be in a pocket or in a backpack. In this case, the words can be voiced through a bluetooth headset, and the application will be controlled by a remote control from a camera or a selfie stick.

Device synchronization

Synchronization is two-directional with a central server. If you want to sync two devices, you first need to sync one device with the site, then the other. In this case, during the synchronization process, the data will be saved on all devices.

Word learning

The study consists of several stages - repetition, verification. If an error occurs during verification, the word will be available for repeating again. If the word was guessed without errors, the next repetition will be scheduled after some time, depending on what kind of repetition it is.

Spell check

If you would like to not only learn the reading and pronunciation of words, but also their spelling, you can activate this functionality in the application settings.


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