Added Toki-Pona Dictionary


Toki-Pona is a minimalistic artificial language that contains about hundred words. The language was created by Sonia Lang in 2001. 

I would like to learn this language because this can be used as a basement for all other languages - all most importnat words are here.

See Toki-Pona dictionary.


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A dictionary to learn IntelliJ Shotrcuts


I am spending most of the life coding in IntelliJ IDEA but still not familiar with all it's shortcuts. I made so far several attempts to master shortcuts of this IDE. Each time by some reason the knowledge evaporated from my memory.

The space repetition approach solves this problem very effectively. I have created an IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts Dictionary for Mac to learn it's shortcuts. Strange that I did non do it earlier.

Having shortcuts remembered helps to decrease cognitive load. I noticed that now I can work longer and can better focus on things that have to be done instead of fighting the editor using mouse.


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Fixed dictionary editor


Fixed small, but annoying bug that was breaking up the ability to edit dicionaries online. Now this function is working well. Thanks for using my site.


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Added Japanese Kana dictionaries


Everyone knows how important to be fluent with Katakana and Hiragana when first touching Japanese language, but how to learn all these symbols? There are about 40 characters for each alphabet and about 30 combinations that should be memorized.

I tried several different approaches, I was making paper cards, I was forcing myself to write these characters on paper, but most efficient way for me appeared learning kana using mobile phone software. Learning kana symbols by small peaces every day helped me to learn all these characters in several weeks.

Now you can learn katakana and hiragana using superwords - the katakana and hiragana dictionaries was added here.

Happy learning!


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